Ruts Plus Pivot Rut Filling

New Zealand's premiere pivot rut filling company, with four machines covering all of Canterbury. Utilising your own soil and plant material. No need to spend a fortune on bringing in extra material.

Up to 90% cheaper and quicker than traditional methods.
It's all about Preventative Pivot Rut Maintenance on your farm.

Designed and built in New Zealand for New Zealand conditions.

The Greatest Ever Centre Pivot Irrigation Wheel Track Filler / Pivot Rut Filler / Pivot Track Closer / Pivot Trench Filler

Solar Powered / Wireless Remote Controlled / Environment Friendly

Penetrating through the soil cutting out the side walls then replacing the wheel track / centre pivot wheel rut with grass root structure. Leaving no depressions or bare grass on both sides of the wheel track all without bringing in extra material.

Condensed root structure increases the soils weight holding capacity. Once compacted it combines together to become a solid mass, the grass keeps growing and will no longer hold water as it did before. This system provides immediate results with very little time and expense to the farmer.